October 1, 2013


McMaster expert available to discuss economic repercussions of U.S. govt. shutdown


Hamilton, Ont. October 1, 2013For the first time since the Clinton administration, the United States government has ceased operating. Roughly 1 million federal employees were told to stay home Tuesday morning following a long evening of tense political debate in Congress, and most non-essential government work has halted.


Atif Kubursi, professor emeritus, Department of Economics, is available to discuss the domestic and global economic repercussions of such a massive government shutdown. “The American economy is the locomotive of the world, and this is going to be felt everywhere. A dead stop will absolutely affect Canada, Europe and other economies,” said Kubursi. He can be reached at 905-334-1745 or kubursi@mcmaster.ca (available on Tuesday, October 1 from 2 to 5 p.m.)


McMaster’s on-campus broadcast studio is available for conducting live or pre-taped television interviews. 




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