July 11, 2013


McMaster expert available to discuss PEDs and looming MLB suspensions


Hamilton, Ont. July 11, 2013America’s pastime is once again facing a major identity crisis. With the All-Star Game fast approaching, some of the brightest lights in professional baseball — including Alex Rodriguez and Ryan Braun — could be facing landmark 100-game suspensions following rash of allegations involving performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs). 


Mark Tarnopolsky, professor, Department of Pediatrics, can discuss the chemical breakdown of the PEDs in question, and how these substances are used to impact player performance. His primary research interests include the study of neuromuscular and neurometabolic disorders. Tarnopolsky is available on Friday, July 12, and can be reached at tarnopol@mcmaster.ca


McMaster’s on-campus broadcast studio is available for conducting live or pre-taped television interviews. 




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