September 3, 2010



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Expert available to discuss relevance

of Labour Day



Hamilton, Ont. September 3, 2010The upcoming Labour Day weekend traditionally marks the unofficial end of summer, but has this holiday – a hallmark for the union movement—lost its relevance for today’s worker?


Wayne Lewchuk, a professor in the Department of Labour Studies at McMaster University is available to discuss the origins of Labour Day and its importance in the year 2010.

“As unions have felt more embattled and challenged over the years, I think we are seeing a revival in Labour Day celebrations, which have become more symbolic in many ways,” says Lewchuk.“Parades are still held in major cities right across the country and across the world, more than one hundred years after the first protests were held. It’s an opportunity for workers to go out and say there are still problems that need to be addressed. People are losing their jobs, they are insecure, they are under threats and this is a chance to draw attention to those very important issues.”

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