April 8, 2013


Creativity, ingenuity & brains: engineering students present final-year projects


Hamilton, Ont. April 8, 2013Electric powered roller blades, a robotic weed remover, a device that can help blind patients avoid obstacles in their path.


They are a small sampling of the inventions and tech gadgets on display for the final-year electrical, computer and biomedical engineering Poster Day, taking place Wednesday, April 10 from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm in the CIBC Hall, McMaster University Student Centre, 3rd floor.


It is the culmination of an entire year’s work where the students had to first identify a complex engineering problem –from computer algorithms to robotic mechanisms—then work closely as a team.


There are 40 projects in all, involving more than 140 students.


Some highlights for the Poster Day include:


·Heads Up Display GPS navigation, showing turn by turn directions on the windshield to keep driver's eyes on the road

·A computer interface for the severely disabled that just requires movement of the head and closing the eyes to move a cursor around the screen and select a position

·eCoach: a device that takes input information from a standard soccer kick and critiques  kick quality using accelerometer data

·Visual aid for the blind: a device is designed to help blind patients travel in a confined environment. They are given directions using audio feedback and ultrasound technology is used to help them avoid any obstacles in their path 


Representatives from companies including Blackberry, Texas Instruments, and General Electric will judge the projects.


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