May 11, 2005

Province announces $10-million for McMaster Innovation Park

Hamilton, ON - Peter George, president of McMaster University, said today’s budget opens the door to a new era for the University.

In his budget, delivered to the Ontario Legislature, Greg Sorbara, the minister of finance, singled out McMaster’s Innovation Park, announcing that the province would contribute $10-million to accelerate the development of the site.

“Our Innovation Park will turn leading-edge research into commercial products,” said George.
“We’re hugely excited about the Park, even more so now that the Province is a partner in this venture. It will have a number of benefits for the people of Ontario: It will create jobs, and enhance the province’s international reputation as a home for research and discovery.”

“The McMaster Innovation Park complements the University’s diverse research enterprise, and will create more opportunities to collaborate with governments and industry,” said Mamdouh Shoukri, vice-president of research and international affairs. “The injection of government funding will accelerate the development of the site, and create enormous possibilities. It will turn research into results from which we will all benefit.”

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