Community Relations: Other Resources

Campus Town Association

For many years McMaster University has worked cooperatively with the Ainslie Wood/Westdale Community Association of Resident Homeowners, Hamilton police and the Westdale Village Business Improvement Area to find ways to deal with common problems.

In 2005 the Campus Town Association was created to work on ways to build a more balanced neighbourhood with engaged residents, including both homeowners and students.

The association has consulted widely and has come up with a list of priorities, including promoting the West End as a place to live. It has also sparked a provincial group that is looking at the issues universities and their resident cities face across Ontario.

The President's Advisory Committee on Community Relations

The President's Advisory Committee on Community Relations (PACCR) has actively worked to improve upon McMaster's role as a neighbourhood partner. Community representatives from the neighbourhoods that surround the University work together with student leaders and university representatives to maintain and improve relations between McMaster and its neighbouring communities.

The University publishes the Neighbourhood Update periodically to keep residents of nearby neighbourhoods informed on activities of the President's Advisory Committee on Community Relations. We also hold an annual community forum.

The Daily News

The Daily News homepage is the best source for up-to-date information on what's happening on campus.

Take a look on the right side of the Daily News homepage and you'll find a fully-searchable, user-friendly Calendar of Events. Users can view calendar items by day, week, or even look ahead a couple of months. Items by, for and about the McMaster community occurring on or off campus or that involve members of the University community are eligible for postings.