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Orientation, Training and Learning

Questions about Health and Safety training?


Contact Environmental & Occupational Health Support Services (EOHSS).

In-class training courses for Mosaic are coming to an end.

Refer to the "News and Information" section of Mosaic's home tab to watch for future training sessions.

Training was offered to employees based on the security roles they have been assigned. For example someone with a time entry security role was offered time entry training. If you feel one of your staff should be trained but that person has not been invited, contact one of the training coordinators.

It's important that future system users follow-up on the emails they have received and take the courses they need to successfully use the new system. The orientation and training program was designed to smooth the transition to the new system.

Mosaic Learning Hub

The importance of training is recognized in our "People Principles" where the project team committed to provide learning opportunities that enable users to build the skills and knowledge they need to successfully adopt the new system.