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Some tasks in PeopleSoft can interface with the spreadsheet program Microsoft Excel.  These plug-ins allow greater automation of certain tasks.

IMPORTANT Users must be granted specific permissions within PeopleSoft to use the these plug-ins. To request access to these tools, please use the System Access Request Form.

Journal Entry Upload tool

This is an Excel plugin and a special spreadsheet that facilitates the automated uploading of journal entries from an Excel file into PeopleSoft. It is intended for users who need to do journal entries with a larger volume of lines. The user must have journal entry permissions. For usage information refer to the GL-Journal Entry & Review Financial Information training materials (slides 107-151).

System Requirements

Requires Excel 2007 or newer.

Installation Instructions

This tool consists of a plugin and an accompanying file, which must be placed in the same folder.

To use, open the template file (McMaster JRNL1 9.2 New Template). Macros will need to be enabled in Excel to use this tool.

nVision Plug-in

coming soon