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Mosaic Update

Student Functions
January 15, 2016

This update summarizes the ongoing work on several issues of concern to those who work with Mosaic’s student functions. A complete list of the current top priority issues related to student functions in Mosaic is available and updated weekly.

Rough start to the year

The first week of 2016 was a challenging one for the student focused portions of Mosaic. System performance was very slow for several days. We want to acknowledge that and reiterate that improving system performance is our top priority for the next few months. It is our goal to improve performance by the next grading cycle.

Swapping courses

Some students have complained about difficulty swapping tutorials or labs. Frequently, it appears that students are trying to use the “Plan” functions in Mosaic rather than the “Enrol” functions in Mosaic to swap a tutorial or lab time. Directing students to the swap feature in the “Enrol” function resolves the issue in most cases.

Pending grade approval page

In the Online Grading ‘Grade Approval’ page, the department or faculty lookup will only populate when a course or class grade roster associated with that department or faculty is submitted for approval. If you notice a department or faculty is missing in your lookup, a class roster has not been submitted for a course linked to that department or faculty. In other words, this query should only show departments or faculties with grades awaiting approval.

Graduate student application lists slim down for the new year

The list that displays applicants to graduate studies in your area has been changed to reduce the number of duplications that appear. Now an applicant should appear on the list only once for each plan they apply to. So the typical applicant who applies to a single academic plan will appear once. An applicant who applied to two plans, say both to a full-time and a part-time version of a program, would appear twice, once for each plan application.

Change to the way repeats display in the student advisement report

There is a change to the way that repeated courses appear on students’ advisement reports. Students who enrol in the same course twice, for example repeating a class for a grade upgrade, will no longer see the class satisfying one requirement twice on their advisement report. The previous course will satisfy the requirement while the in-progress attempt will move to the Unassigned Courses section of the report.

Searching for graduate studies programs

One non-Mosaic item that may be of interest: the School of Graduate Studies' future students website now includes a tool to browse and search the graduate studies programs at McMaster.




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