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Mosaic Update

Student Functions
February 25, 2016

This update summarizes the ongoing work on several issues of concern to those who work with Mosaic's student functions. A complete list of the current top priority issues related to student functions in Mosaic is available and updated weekly.

Student enrolment appointments for fall registration

Once again students will be randomly assigned an enrolment appointment within their academic level. Students will be able to view their personal enrolment time Enrolment Dates panel in the Mosaic Student Centre the week of June 6. The fall enrolment period will begin on June 21. As with last year, a student can enrol any time after their enrolment appointment occurs. To make their enrolment appointments efficient, students are encouraged to pre-select classes using Mosaic's course planning tools.

Academic Levels

2016 Enrolment Appointments Begin
Individual enrolment times will vary and may not be on the first day. Dates are tentative.

Level 5

Tuesday, June 21

Level 4

Wednesday, June 22

Level 3

Thursday, June 23

Level 2

Monday, June 27

Level 1

Wednesday, June 29

Non-Degree Students

(continuing, LOP's, visiting and exchange)

Monday, July 4

New tools for those who assist graduate applicants

Administrative users who support graduate studies applicants can now view an in-progress application. Administrators can access a view only version of the graduate studies application to see what the applicant sees and to provide assistance if required. This view is helpful to reproduce the challenge the student may be experiencing. If you need assistance using this function, the School of Graduate Studies offers weekly drop-in labs on Thursdays from 9 a.m. – 11 a.m. in T-13, room 111.

Tax slips: T4, T2202A, T4As, and T4A-NRs

Students (and employees too) may ask about their tax slips. T4 and T4As for employment income and research scholarships are already available in Mosaic. T4As for all other scholarships and bursaries and T2202As will be available in the Mosaic Student Centre on February 29. Consult the guide to tax slips for additional details.

Performance update

Improving performance is a key goal for Mosaic in 2016. So far the team has made some incremental improvements, notably the navigation menus in Mosaic are responding faster (i.e., the main menu and sub-menus). Equally important, the team — in conjunction with technical support from the software vendor, Oracle —has completed a detailed review of the system and identified specific opportunities for improvements which will be made to Mosaic over the next few months. Finally, individual tasks which users identify as being slow are being reviewed. For example, the team was able to improve the load time of the graduate studies referee page by a factor of ten.

Farewell mainframe

McMaster is currently in the process of decommissioning its mainframe computer, including the previous student administration system which ran on the mainframe. The final day for general user access is currently scheduled for March 18, 2016. All the data associated with the mainframe applications has been migrated to data storage and will be available if required. (Indeed much of it is already available in Mosaic.)


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