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Issue 3, November 21, 2014

This week: two items of note for those of you who perform HR functions at McMaster.

Transition deadlines for McMaster’s new employee recruitment system

This December McMaster will replace MacTrac and paper-based forms with a new employee recruitment system. To help administrators and end users make a smooth transition, the Mosaic project team has established a schedule for system users to complete job postings in MacTrac, before moving to the new system.

Please note that MacTrac will not be available after December 15. Individuals with information, such as resumes or cover letters, stored in that system must archive that information elsewhere by December 15 or lose it.

Timesheet Tip 1: Use combination codes rather than separate project costing codes for research projects

If you are entering time data for an employee funded from a research project, please do not enter information in the PC Business Unit, Project ID, and Activity boxes on the timesheet. These boxes are not intended for research projects. In the rare circumstance that you need wages to be charged to a different chartfield string (i.e. combination code) than what is associated with the employee or position; this should be entered in the combination code box located on the far right-hand side of the timesheet.

Timesheet Tip 2: Exception Time Reporting: Approve ALL changes

Following up on the time reporting tip in the last issue, if you report a time exception for an employee with a regular schedule you must approve time for each day you enter a change on. If you use the “"Apply Schedule"” button to fill in hours, it counts as a change and you need to approve those days.

For example, you have a Unifor employee who worked three hours of overtime on one day. The simplest way to report their time exception is to open their timesheet for that week, enter the time they worked on that day (both regular time and overtime) and then approve that day. If you have to enter changes for multiple days, the “"Apply Schedule"” button conveniently enters all regularly scheduled time into the time sheet. However, all the days that now have time entered, even if it is regularly scheduled time, will need to be approved.


The "Support" tab on the Mosaic portal is the first place to go for support information and can direct you to additional resources, including a list of local HR super users.

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