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Helping Finance and Research Finance System Users Prepare

Issue 3

You have been identified as a user of McMaster's finance or research finance systems who will need access to the new system that will be introduced this December. This newsletter series is intended to help you prepare for the introduction of PeopleSoft.

In this issue

Cutover Memo Reminder

In October the project team distributed a cutover memo outlining several processes in the current accounting systems that must be brought to a close before McMaster can switch to PeopleSoft. The memo details the systems which are affected and the last day that transactions may be recorded in the legacy system.

Update on Petty Cash and Research Subject Payments

The date to request new petty cash has been extended from October 31 until November 15. The updated procedures and forms are currently being drafted. There will not be major changes; however, the maximum reimbursement will increase from $50 to $100. Research subject payments can be paid from petty cash rather than advances. Questions and requests for additional petty cash to accommodate research subject payments should be directed to Nancy Gray.

Reminder: System Contract Purchases

One important change to the McMaster purchasing process involves system contracts such as Grand & Toy and Fisher Scientific. There are still contracts that provide McMaster with price discounts. However, the process for purchasing things through a system contract has changed. Instead of giving a McMaster account number to suppliers, purchasers will now be able to place orders using the Purchase Card/P-Card (the BMO MasterCard) or a purchase requisition. PeopleSoft will offer electronic reconciliation of P-Card transactions which will help purchasers track spending. As mentioned in October's cutover memo, this change was effective November 1. Refer to our updated finance FAQs for additional details.

What is a Voucher?

PeopleSoft brings with it many new terms, for example "voucher." A voucher is entered into accounts payable to request a payment. It is similar to McMaster's legacy cheque requisition and non-P.O. invoice processes. Refer to the Mosaic glossary of PeopleSoft terms for more examples.

Training update

The Mosaic team has developed a training plan that is based on user roles in the financial system. General training registration has begun for all user groups. System users should have received an invitation to training on November 8.

In addition, online versions of some courses are now available on the training website. All users are encouraged to complete the online courses PeopleSoft Basic Navigation and Workflow, Approvals and Delegation. These courses provide an introduction to basic PeopleSoft functionality and should be considered a minimum orientation. These courses are required pre-requisites for both classroom courses and future online courses.

Refer to the Training FAQs for further information or contact the training coordinator.

Accessing the Training website

To access the training website you must be on the McMaster network or attached through the McMaster VPN. However, users connecting from a Hamilton Health Sciences or St. Joseph's Healthcare facility do NOT need to use the VPN.

Communicating with Faculty Members

The Mosaic team has produced a briefing paper about Mosaic to explain how the project will impact faculty members.


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