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Mosaic News

Mosaic, McMaster's project to modernize its business processes and replace its current business systems with an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system is in the project’s design and build stage.

Refer to the newsletter section for additional information about the project.

News highlights about Mosaic

[24-April-2015] Mosaic update

[19-Mar-2015] New student administration system launched

[17-Mar-2015] McMaster completing switch to Person ID this March

[9-Mar-2015] Transition to new student admin system begins Friday

[3-Mar-2015] Video series introduces new Mosaic Student Centre

[27-Feb-2015] Tax slips now available online

[11-Feb-2015] The end of MUGSI: Two ways students can prepare

[10-Feb-2015] Transition dates for switch to Mosaic student administration system

[5-Feb-2015] From electronic pay statements to electronic tax slips

[23-Jan-2015] Meet the Mosaic Student Centre

[5-Jan-2015] New option for McMaster T4 tax slips

[17-Dec-2014] McMaster's new Labour Distribution Reports

[12-Dec-2014] McMaster launches new course catalogue and scheduling system

[19-Nov-2014] McMaster launching new employee recruitment system

[18-Nov-2014] Admission portion of Mosaic launches

[14-Nov-2014] Transition deadlines for McMaster’s new employee recruitment system

[21-Oct-2014] McMaster preparing for new admissions system

[20-Oct-2014] McMaster successfully launches new HR system

[17-Oct-2014] Mosaic entering launch weekend for HR

[14-Oct-2014] Meet the new Research Project Statement

[10-Oct-2014] Mosaic post-HR launch support

[06-Oct-2014] McMaster's pension plan to adjust deduction frequency

[3-Oct-2014] McMaster adopting electronic pay statements

[3-Oct-2014] Mosaic revises launch dates

[26-Sept-2014] New HR system set to launch in one month

[25-Sept-2014] New HR system to include electronic health and safety tracking

[9-Sept-2014] Student administration update: Dawn of the 'PeopleSoft' era

[11-August-2014] New employee recruiting system coming to McMaster

[28-July-2014] McMaster adopting new system to manage vacation time, sick days, leaves and absences

[14-July-2014] New time management system for McMaster employees

[11-July-2014] Mosaic Status Update: Lessons Learned and Next Steps

[28-May-2014] McMaster prepares for new HR system

[24-April-2014] Meet the new Person ID

[27-March-2014] Change to McMaster's travel and expense system (HR Supervisor replaced with purpose approver for travel and expense claims)

[18-March-2014] Mosaic Status Update March 2014

[21-Feb-2014] Revised Mosaic launch dates released

[20-Jan-2014] Mosaic status update

[16-Dec-2013] McMaster community getting to know Mosaic

[2-Dec-2013] McMaster enters the PeopleSoft era

[29-Nov-2013] Mosaic entering launch weekend

[22-Nov-2013] Mosaic post-launch support

[15-Nov-2013] McMaster learning to use new finance system

[16-Oct-2013] Changes to the reimbursements for University business process

[15 -Oct -2013] Last dates for transactions in legacy finance systems

[11-Oct-2013] State of the Academy 2013 features discussion about Mosaic

[30-Sept-2013] Mosaic training set to begin

[17-Sept-2013] Mosaic training to start in mid-October

[3 -Sept-2013] New office space brings Mosaic team together in Westdale

[31-July-2013] McMaster replacing Chart of Accounts this December

[18-July-2013] Mosaic team enters build phase for finance and research finance

[29-May-2013] President Patrick Deane discusses Mosaic

[27-March-2013] Mosaic timeline released

[26-Feb-2013] Mosaic Fit-Gap complete

[21-Feb-2013] Mosaic Human Resources team open house

[21-Nov-2012] Mosaic new name for project formerly know as ERP

[29-Oct-2012] Business Process Mapping follow-up event

[10-Oct-2012] McMaster ERP project enters next stage

[9-Oct-2012] State of the Academy features discussion about Mosaic

[11-Sept-2012] Business processes mapping open house

[13-Aug-2012] McMaster starts business process modernization initiative

[31-May-2012] ERP vendor announced

[06-Oct-2011] Significant step forward for campus ERP project

[12-Apr-2011] Renewal project underway, aging and dated technology to be replaced by one integrated system