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Mosaic Update for Managers

October 17, 2014

Next week McMaster will launch its new, PeopleSoft-based HR system. Let’s make sure you are ready.

In our last newsletter we focused on the ways you can help your staff through this transition. This month has a very different focus: a dozen things managers need to know about the HR launch.

Time Reporting

PeopleSoft brings a new time reporting system for the University (good bye MacVIP). Time reporting is a critical process as errors directly impact employees’ pay. Please ensure that everyone who performs time reporting functions in your area has completed training. Approvers of time worked should also complete training before the system launches. An online course is available. Investing in training will save you the time and stress caused by errors.

Workflow for Time Reporting

All reported time and time exceptions will be submitted online and will automatically be routed to the employee’s direct supervisor for approval. In addition, if a department time approver has been assigned, they would also be able to approve the time on behalf of the supervisor. Supervisors do have the ability to delegate time approval as well. Reported time and exceptions that are pending approval will appear in the approver’s task list.

Electronic Pay Statements

Electronic pay statements will replace paper pay stubs. Faculty members’ pay statements will be available via Mosaic ( on October 24; staff pay will follow on October 31. Employees will need a MAC ID to access their pay statement. On October 20, employees who don’t have a MAC ID will have one automatically assigned. Those employees, as well any employee who has forgotten their MAC ID password, will be able to activate their MAC ID using a link on the Mosaic sign-in page. Finally, a small number of employees will still receive paper statements, namely those in the Operations and Maintenance, Operating Engineers, and Hospitality Services bargaining units.

Mosaic Closed this Weekend

The Mosaic system will be closed from 7 p.m. October 16 to October 20 as the HR system is installed. During this time the finance and research administration portions of Mosaic will be unavailable, Scientific Stores will be closed, and the Campus Store will not accept purchases on Mosaic chartfield strings.

Dividing Pension Contributions

Annual pension contributions will be deducted over 26 pay periods rather than the current method of 24 deductions per year. The annual amount of an employee’s deductions will not change as a result of this approach.

Person ID

The employee ID and student ID systems will be merged into a common Person ID. For most individuals this should be straightforward and largely unnoticed. Graduate students and work/study students are the largest groups that managers may notice. These individuals will have their common Person ID based on their student number (and their employee number will be tracked as an alternate ID). If you enter time data (hours worked) for either of these groups, be aware of this change when looking up employees based on the Person ID.

Labour Distribution Report

There will be a labour distribution report available. (It’s our most common question.) It won’t have any data in it until after the first pay period. For historical data, refer to the legacy labour distribution report.

Finding Support

For this launch, support is based on a super user model. Individuals with questions on time reporting or general navigation should contact the super user in their area if they have questions about using the system. A list of super users will be in the Mosaic “Support” tab on October 20. (see the Daily News for details). Questions regarding the MAC ID, problems logging in and password resets should be reported to the UTS helpdesk. Individual HR-related questions can continue to be directed to your appropriate HR area office.

What about Employee Recruitment?

The employee recruitment portions of the HR system will launch at the beginning of December. Training will begin in mid-November.

Tools for Managers to Learn More

Manager specific training courses are available online. "Department Manager PeopleSoft Orientation" teaches managers to locate core HR job data and biographical information within the system.

Accessing the Mosaic System

Mosaic is scheduled to re-open on October 20. Initially, the HR portion will only be open to Departmental Administrators. The next day, October 21, general employee self service access will open.

The system is available at Select functions will be available outside of the McMaster firewall, including individual pay statements and benefits information. Users will still need their MAC ID and password and are reminded to keep their password private and secure. Attempting to access other parts of the system from outside the firewall will result in an error message that requests the user connect via the VPN (Virtual Private Network).

Health and Safety

Future employee occupational health and safety incident and training tracking will be through Mosaic. Historical data will not be loaded in the system initially.


After October 20, Mac IDs for new hires will be assigned as part of the hiring process.

Additional Items

Important Mosaic work continues on other parts of the project.

Research Administration

Mosaic released the new Research Project Statement this week. If you help manage research project finances, this will be a powerful tool for understanding a project’s fiscal situation.

Student Administration

Those interested in seeing the new admissions system or the scheduling system are invited to one of two Student Administration Information Sessions on October 22 and 30. Each session will include a demonstration of the system, opportunities to ask questions, as well as a project update, a review of the project’s timelines, and a discussion of the anticipated change impacts.


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