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Managers' Mosaic Update

Special Edition

Next week Mosaic will launch McMaster's new finance and research post-awards system.

Are you ready? Is your team ready?

New Manager's Toolkit, featuring a Pre-launch Checklist

We have updated our manager's toolkit. We are excited to introduce some new change management materials to help you guide your team. In addition we have prepared a pre-launch checklist to help you confirm that you and your team are ready for launch day. You'll also find times and dates for our upcoming change management leadership workshop series.

Additional training information can be found on the Mosaic website. Questions regarding training should be directed to

Post Launch Support

The project team posted an outline of its support plan on the McMaster Daily News last week. In brief, turn to the "Support" tab on (available at launch) for your comprehensive guide to support.

There are three points we'd like to reinforce:

  • 1. Response times: While we have estimates based on past experiences, the team really doesn't know how many support queries we might receive and how long those queries will take to resolve. We will try to resolve issues as quickly as possible, but response times will be dependent upon volume of calls received and could be prolonged.
  • 2. Support is not training: Avoid using the system without having completed any of the orientation or training activities. The Mosaic Hot Line is not prepared to teach basic PeopleSoft skills; please ensure that you and your staff have taken advantage of the online orientation and training.
  • 3. Leverage internal knowledge: Encourage your team to share tips and system knowledge.

Accessing the System

Next week the system will be available at . Users will log-in using their MAC ID and password.

What to Expect

All along the way, we have tried to set realistic expectations about the new system. Yes, it will be a more effective tool for the University, and yes, it will better meet our needs, but no, it won't solve all our problems. We have asked managers to take the lead in setting expectations for staff. Now comes the big challenge: living it. The first portion of Mosaic launches on December 2. There will be discomfort. The University is retiring familiar financial systems for something different and everyone faces a learning curve to adopt the new system. This is a big change for McMaster and a big change for many individuals. There will be some struggles, frayed nerves and grumpiness when we switch.

The project team is depending on managers to lead their teams through this transition by modeling resiliency, demonstrating patience, and being understanding.

Thank you for your support.


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