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Managers' Mosaic Update

July 2014

In three months McMaster will launch its new human resources system followed quickly by portions of its new student administration system. This edition of our update for managers will provide you with the details you need to prepare your team for the next phases of Mosaic.

In this Issue

Current Activities

Student Administration

Work continues on the student administration portion of the system. Design work is largely complete. Change impact workshops are underway and user acceptance testing is set to begin.

Budgeting (Hyperion)

Mosaic has exciting news for those who manage budgets. The new budget tool, Hyperion, which replaces SAS-FM was officially launched on July 21. If you are a current SAS-FM user, you should have received an invitation to training.

Human Resources

The project team is pushing hard these days to finish its preparations for the October launch of the human resources modules. User acceptance testing is well under way and parallel testing of the payroll system is set to start. (In parallel testing the old and new systems are given identical payroll input data and the results compared to ensure accurate pay is generated by the new system.)

Preparing your team

As the new HR system launch nears, the team is working to familiarize future system users with the scope and functions of the new system as a prelude to formal training. In addition to Daily News articles, a series of webinars and information sessions are scheduled. As appropriate, please encourage your staff to participate in the following activities:


These short, live webinars will explain an aspect of the new HR system in more depth. (Webinars will be recorded and available online.) Follow the links to participate.

• July 18 Time Entry (completed, recording available)

• July 31 from 1 p.m. to 1:15 p.m. Absences and Leaves, including vacation time and sick days

• August 14 from 1 p.m. to 1:15 p.m. Recruitment, from job requisitions to offers

The McMaster Pre‐Session Checklist for Participants will help you prepare to use the webinar software.

Information Sessions

These half-day sessions will detail the major changes that end users of the new HR system will encounter. It will be of particular interest to those who administer time entry and payroll functions and those who recruit/hire new employees. Other topics, such as health and safety training tracking will be discussed.

• August 19, 9 a.m. – noon in MDCL 3020

• repeated August 27, 1 p.m.– 4 p.m. in MUMC 1A1


Training is generally conducted in the month before a launch. Training for the HR system will begin in the third week of September. A more detailed training schedule will be released at the end of August. Please keep in mind that staff who perform HR functions, in particular time entry, will be expected to take training before the system launches. Managers will want to leave appropriate flexibility in their office schedules to accommodate employee training.

Internal planning

In addition to the formal Mosaic activities, now is a good time to begin a conversation with your team about how you will manage the upcoming transitions. Consider holding a follow-up meeting after a webinar or symposium to discuss how your area will be affected.

Timeline Overview

To help you plan, here is a brief overview of the launch schedule with highlights of each launch. The October launch of HR and the March launch of student administration will have the broadest impacts.

September 2014

Training for Human Resources begins

Mid-October 2014

HR Phase One

• Replaces MacVIP and MacTrac

• Time entry (payroll) through new system

All recruitment for McMaster occurs through new system (including the hiring of work-study students)

• Health and safety training tracking is part of system

Late November 2014

Student Administration: Admissions

• Affects May 1, 2015 and later admits

Early December 2014

Student Administration: Course Catalogue and Scheduling

• Subsequent curriculum changes made in new system

• Replaces data collection utility (DCU)

January 2015

HR Phase Two

• Expanded employee self-service and manager self-service options

March 2015

Student Administration: Student Records (affects all students and faculty members)

• Replaces MUGSI and SOLAR

• Replaces online grades

• Includes new “Faculty Centre”

• Academic advising

Tip: MPDA expenses

A number of employee groups on campus receive professional development funds each year, such as the manager’s professional development allowance (MPDA). The preferred ways to pay for MPDA, PDA, Clinical PDA and similar expenses are the McMaster travel card (Diners Club Mastercard), petty cash, or out of pocket. Requesting reimbursement via a travel and expense report is entirely appropriate. Using a P-card (BMO Mastercard) for these expenses adds significant reconciliation effort and is discouraged.


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