Three ways to start the new year with Mosaic

January 14 , 2016

After two years of big, substantial changes, 2016 is the year when McMaster can move from getting by to thriving with Mosaic. Yes, there are still some issues to resolve but McMaster has made significant progress and is now in a position to begin taking advantage of the many features Mosaic offers.

Here are three things you can do to make the most of Mosaic this year.

1) Track vacation/absence time

With all the transitions last year, some managers did not get around to properly tracking their employees’ or their own absences in Mosaic. This is the year to start doing it right. All staff should have their absences, including vacation, recorded in Mosaic as part of the bi-weekly pay process. This includes all salaried employees who do not regularly report hours. (Faculty members and post-doctoral fellows are the notable exceptions who do not record absences.)

If you do this, staff will be able to see the current balance of their vacation and personal days (or TMG compensation days) in Mosaic and managers can track their staff’s outstanding vacation balances. All departmental time administrators can enter absences. For more information refer to the training materials or contact your HR Advisor.

2) Complete health and safety training online

All of McMaster’s Health and Safety training is now available online. Please stop using the paper training forms. Everyone, including students, can sign up for training in Mosaic. (There is a link on the Mosaic landing page). After enrolling in a course, you can complete it in Avenue to Learn 24 hours later. Results are handed back to Mosaic 24 hours after the course is completed.

Employees can view their own health and safety training record in Mosaic at: Main Menu >> Human Resources >> Self Service >> Learning and Development >> Training Summary (Note that the record only includes training completed after October 2014.)

Health and Safety coordinators can view training records for employees in their areas at: Main Menu >> Manager Self Service >>Learning and Development>>Training Reports >>Employee Training Summary. If would like to request Training Coordinator access please email

For further Health and Safety training information review the EOHSS FAQ page.

3) Get ready to make Facilities Services’ service requests in Mosaic

Facilities Services is adopting the Mosaic Maintenance Management Module and beginning February 1 staff will submit all service requests in Mosaic. To assist in the transition, a maintenance service request, employee-self-service training course is available on the Mosaic Learning Hub.

One last thing to do this year: Say farewell to the mainframe

For almost 50 years McMaster has had a mainframe computer. This March our final mainframe will be turned off for the last time and retired. Decommissioning is already underway, including archiving of all legacy systems data and, in some cases, providing access to the data if necessary. Questions about the decommissioning of these systems should be directed to Carmalita Larkin,, University Technology Services (UTS).


The "Support" tab on Mosaic is the first place to go for support information and can direct you to additional resources.

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