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Three things McMaster managers need to know about leaves and absences

January 14, 2015

With the new year, McMaster is taking the next step in deploying its new HR system by adding functionality for recording absences and balances.

Managers need to take three steps to prepare for this:

  1. Beginning January 1, record all absences, such as vacation, for TMG and Unifor Unit 1 staff in Mosaic using the time entry tools. (Often this is done by a departmental time administrator.)
  2. Advise your employees that their absence balances, including vacation accrued, are available to view in Mosaic. It is important to explain that vacation accrued is different from vacation entitlement.
  3. Submit any approved vacation carryover for your employees


Beginning this month, McMaster will begin using Mosaic to record absences such as vacation, personal days, management compensation days, and sick time. While departments previously tracked this time using various means, this new functionality presents an opportunity for streamlined recording, with balances available to both managers and employees in Mosaic. Employees will also see a total of their remaining vacation time and other absence balances on their pay statements.

The process for recording absences is the same as for recording time worked. At the outset, most departments are encouraged to have a central time administrator enter absence information. Employees in some departments have been given access to self-enter their absences, and this employee self-service functionality will be deployed for all Unifor Unit 1 and TMG staff in the coming months.

Viewing Balances

Employee groups that track absences (i.e. TMG, Unifor Unit 1) will see their balances in on the My Profile tab in Mosaic and on their pay statement. The vacation balances may initially confuse some users. The balances will show both vacation time "accrued," a vacation balance and an employee's vacation entitlement. At McMaster, vacation time is accrued in the benefit year from July through June but taken from January through December. A typical staff member will be see seven months' vacation accrual (July through January) on their January balance. Employees will accrue the remainder of their annual vacation entitlement each month through June. Their vacation balance (accrual minus vacation time used) and their vacation entitlement will appear on their biweekly pay statement.

As explained in the December Mosaic Update for Managers, vacation carry over that was submitted by Friday, January 16, 2015 is expected to appear on the third pay statement of the year, depending on how many carry over requests need to be loaded. Vacation carry over submitted after that date will appear on a future pay statement. Refer to the December update for details.

Viewing Balances for Managers and Administrators

Managers and administrators can view this information for employees in their area on the timesheet under the "Absence" tab or "Leave/Compensatory Time lab" and can view bank balances for their team using the following navigations:

    Main Menu > Human Resources > Manager Self Service > Time Reporting > View Time > Absence Balances > Vacation Balance

    (The query will show you, calendar your entitlement, benefit year accrual, and the current balance. The entitlement balance shows the amount of vacation an employee is eligible for this calendar year, assuming the employee works for the whole year. Taking an unpaid leave may change an employee's entitlement.)

    Main Menu > Human Resources > Manager Self Service > Time Reporting > View Time > Absence Balances

    Main Menu > Human Resources > Time and Labor > Reports > CTO Balances > As of Date CTO Balances

Employee View of Absence Balances
In addition, time bank information is available for employees to review via the "My Profile" tab within Mosaic. (Employees can sign in at using their MAC ID.)

There are three sections in the "My Profile" tab with leave information.


Vacation Entitlement & Balance

  • Previous year vacation
  • Vacation ENT (Current Year)
  • Vacation Accrual (Benefit Year)
  • Vacation Balance

Compensatory Time (for OT Banks, Snow Bank, On-Call Bank)

Absence Balances (for sick, vacation)

Time management Guidelines
A clear summary of McMaster's time management guidelines for employees who are members of Unifor Unit 1 is available. Contact your Employee / Labour Relations Advisor to discuss any questions you may have on these guidelines. For your convenience, TMG leave and absence policies have also been assembled into one document.


The "Support" tab on the Mosaic Portal is the first place to go for support information and can direct you to additional resources, including a list of local HR super users.

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