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Update for Managers

December 2014

The final months of 2014 saw Mosaic deliver several new systems. Thanks to a lot of hard work on the part of both end users and the project team, the transition to McMaster's new HR system went well with only modest challenges. While electronic pay statements may have gotten most of the water cooler buzz, the Mosaic team also launched McMaster's new student admissions system and the new course catalogue and scheduling system. Meanwhile new budget planning tools were launched for budget managers.

n this edition of our newsletter for managers, we
'll fill you in on everything you need to know before Auld Lang Syne rings through the halls:

Time Management

Beginning in January, Mosaic will be the University-wide tool for tracking leaves and absences, such as management compensation days, personal days, and vacation time, in addition to sick days which were already being tracked. While this is a new tool, the University's polices and conditions for leaves and absences remain the same. Note that vacation time is not being tracked in Mosaic for faculty members.

Departments should begin tracking all TMG and Unifor leaves and absences in Mosaic as of January 1, 2015, including vacation and management compensation or personal days. Employee entitlement banks for the 2015 calendar year will be populated when the first pay period in January is processed, and can be accessed via the following navigation paths by signing into the Mosaic portal using your MAC ID.

Employees can view their own time bank information via the following two self-service menus:
  • Main Menu > Human Resources > Self Service > Time Reporting > View Times > Absence Balances
    • As applicable per employee group for vacation, personal days, management compensation days, and sick banks
  • Main Menu > Human Resources > Self Service > Time Reporting > View Times > Compensatory Time
    • As applicable per employee group forovertime and other banked time
In addition, managers and administrations can view this information on the timesheet under the "Absence" tab or "Leave/Compensatory Time" tab and can view bank balances for their team using the following navigations:
  • Main Menu > Human Resources > Manager Self Service > Time Management > View Time > Reports > Absences Balances
  • Main Menu > Human Resources > Time and Labour > CTO Balances > As of Date CTO Balances
PeopleSoft provides the capability for employees to enter their time worked and absences directly into the system or for a departmental time administrator to enter this information on behalf of employees, with both methods requiring approval by the manager. In the short term, many departments will likely opt to continue to have their department's time administrator to maintain these records in Mosaic. In the coming months employee self-service functionality will be activated for all departments, although it will be up to each department to determine if and when they deploy time-entry self-service to their employees. In areas with direct time entry, employees enter their absences as exceptions to their time worked. (Opportunities for areas to adopt employee self-service time sheet and absence entry will be available in 2015, contact Nishaan Parbhoo if your department is interested in early adoption of employee self-service time reporting functionality.)

Action Required: Vacation Carry Over

In the new year McMaster will begin tracking vacation within Mosaic (PeopleSoft) for groups that were not previously tracked using a common system (i.e. TMG, Unifor Unit 1). This will allow employees to see a total of their remaining vacation time on each pay statement. For this transition to proceed smoothly, there is one thing the project team needs from managers: a list of your employees' vacation carry over.

With the close of the calendar year and vacation year quickly approaching, all managers are asked to forward their employees' carry forward vacation days using the attached spreadsheet noting how many days each employee is going to carry forward.
Navigate to the second tab in the attached spreadsheet for step-by-step instructions and clarification of terms. Please note that the carry forward amount for TMG should be indicated in days, for all other employee groups the amount should be in hours. These vacation days will be loaded into the system in a "Prior Year Vacation" bank and will be visible on employees' pay statements. Managers are requested to provide their carry forward spreadsheets to Bobbi-Anne Alexander by Friday, January 16, 2015. (Employees may have to wait for the second or third pay statement of the year to see their vacation carry over, depending on how many carry over requests need to be loaded.)

Labour Distribution Reports

A lot of managers have made it very clear that Mosaic should skip the holiday greeting card in favour of sparkly new labour distribution reports. The team is happy to say that is one wish list item with a check beside it. See the official announcement for full details.

Time Management Guidelines

Although no policies have changed, some managers have asked for a clearer summary of McMaster's time management guidelines for employees who are members of Unifor Unit 1. Contact your Employee/Labour Relations Advisor to discuss any questions you may have on these guidelines. For convenience, TMG leave and absence policies have also been assembled into one document.

Employee Recruitment

December is not a big month for hiring, which makes it a great month for introducing a new employee recruitment system. The transition to the new system concluded on December 15 with the launch of the new job posting website.

From a manager's perspective there are three things to know:
  1. The new system will handle all hiring, including
    • Interim (temp/casual) employees
    • Staff employees
    • Faculty appointments
    • Sessional appointments
    • Teaching assistants and research assistants (those not hired via the School of Graduate Studies mass hire process)
    • WorkStudy
  2. Recruitment training is still available online. Additional in-class training dates are available in January.
  3. There are a series of recruitment open labs scheduled for those who need assistance

Helping staff with the transition to Mosaic

As this project progresses, it is very apparent that McMaster staff come to Mosaic with a wide variety of skills and adopt the system at a variety of paces. Even the most eager early adopters and savvy users will need to adjust and acquire new knowledge, develop new skills, and adopt new behaviours. There are a couple ways you can help staff who are struggling with the learning curve.

For those individuals who are struggling because they are unfamiliar with the basic computer skills the new system requires, McMaster's Centre for Continuing Education is offering two courses this January. These courses teach skills that users will need to use the Mosaic system. These courses will not cover Mosaic functions but will help prepare users to adjust to the new functionality of PeopleSoft.

A second approach is to create forums for your strongest users to share their insights with their colleagues. For example, organize a brown bag lunch for those in your building who do a specific task, such as example journal entries, to share tips and tricks. Other support activities might include coaching from a super user, job shadowing with proficient users, or providing additional lab time. Contact to discuss additional options.

Thank you

Thanks to all of you for your patience and support this year as Mosaic changed so much McMaster. Managing staff during a time of change is hard work that is often emotionally draining. Thanks for your efforts.

This work is improving McMaster administrative capabilities. The systems that support students and research are growing stronger and more robust with each module launch. In the end supporting students and research is what really matters. In another year we will have one of most modern systems of any Canadian university and we will begin to reap the benefits.


The "Support" tab on the Mosaic Portal is the first place to go for support information and can direct you to additional resources, including a list of local HR super users.

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