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Grade entry for the 2016 fall term

December 1, 2016

Reminders to assist faculty members and instructors during grade entry for the winter term. Grade rosters for Fall 2016 are now available in Mosaic.

Grade entry changes this term

  • At the end of October, Mosaic received a substantial interface upgrade; however, student administrative functions, such as grade entry, were largely unaffected. When you log in you’ll now see tiles rather than tabs. Anyone listed as an instructor on a course should see a “Faculty Center” tile on their homepage when they log in. "Online grading" is a section tab within the Faculty Center.
    faculty center tile

Other tips

  • Be aware that when you load grades from Avenue to Learn (A2L), Mosaic receives the "calculated final grade" from A2L unless you indicate otherwise. See the A2L wiki for details.
  • Grades from Avenue to Learn must be whole numbers (e.g. 80 is acceptable while 80.5 is not). Refer to the A2L wiki for details on specifying the number of decimal places to show.
  • Do not attempt to upload an incomplete "INC" grade for an undergraduate class using CSV. Requests for incompletes for undergraduate students must be processed by your Faculty office.
  • The confirmation email generated by a grade change request now contains additional subject and section information. Faculty and department office approvers will continue to receive email notifications of grade changes that are submitted and instructors will receive notification of grade changes returned/rejected
  • Understanding term codes – a term code denotes the year and month the class started without the zeros so 2016-09 becomes 2169 and 2017-01 becomes 2171. Term codes appear in several places, including Avenue to Learn.
  • For undergraduate classes, instructors will only be able to submit fully completed grade rosters (partially completed rosters will not be accepted)

Common issues that cause grade entry problems

  • Attempting to load grades for students who have cancelled the class or for students with an approved grade
  • Uploading a CSV file which contains extra columns, extraneous information, or columns in the wrong sequence
  • Trying to upload a file other than a CSV (comma separated values) file (e.g. txt file)
  • Adding invalid grades such as "AA" or "?"
  • Attempting to add a "W, NMR or DEF" grades (these must be added by a Faculty office)

About teaching assistants

Your teaching assistant will not have access to your classes in Mosaic unless you specifically request it. An instructor might do this if they expect a teaching assistant to enter grades, for example. Your department's administrator can assign a teaching assistant to a class on your behalf.


To help instructors, faculty members and staff, the Mosaic project team has prepared:

1) Quick tip sheets:

2) A detailed guide on submitting grades and navigating the Faculty Center

Grade entry assistance

Bring your grades and receive assistance entering them. Grade entry assistance will be available at BSB 248 (map). This room will be staffed during university business days from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. between December 9, 2016 and December 22, 2016, except for December 16 when support will be available from 10 a.m. to noon.

Mosaic upgrade Dec 2-4

While it won't impact grade entry, you should be aware that Mosaic's finance functions will be unavailable from 6 p.m. Thursday, December 1, reopening 8:30 a.m. Monday, December 5 due to an upgrade.




A full list of support resources is available in Mosaic's Support and Documentation tile.

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