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PDA, Balances and Expense Claims

Three items for McMaster faculty members

As expected, this month's implementation of McMaster's new finance and research post-award system has led to some questions about the new processes. Here are quick answers to the three most common questions from faculty members:

1) How do I use my PDA account at the Campus Store or scientific stores?

2) Where do I find my research project balance?

3) How can I file a travel or expense claim?

Getting a chartfield string for your PDA legacy account number

There is a straight forward translation tool to convert any legacy account number to the new chartfield string; however, a PDA requires an extra step. How to find your new PDA chartfield string:

  • 1) login to the Mosaic portal with your MAC ID and password
  • 2) in the left hand column on the "Home" page select the "Chart of Accounts Lookup" item
  • 3) enter your current PDA account in the legacy boxes and select "Search"
  • 4) take the new Chartfield string that is provided (i.e. fund, account, department and program) and add two zeros "00" plus your employee ID number

You can use this chartfield string for purchases from the Campus Store and scientific stores. Hint: for most faculty members, the PDA "account" number will be 590000. Please note, this is an interim process until next July, when the human resources portion of Mosaic launches and introduces the final PDA management tool.

PDA Example

chartfield example

Where do I find my research project balances?

In McMaster's legacy system the process of closing a month-end typically takes a couple weeks. That remained the same for this past November, which was the final month reported in the legacy system. The new system launched with October balances; November balances were finalized last week. Account holders have been notified that their final, month-end, E-report statement is available. In January, research project balances and associated reports will be available in the Mosaic portal in the "My Research" tab. From then on, grant holders will be able to get balances up to the close of the previous business day.

Travel and Expense Claims

Travel and Expense claims are entered in the new system. If an assistant enters your expense claims for you, you must "Delegate Entry Authority" to that person (or persons). This is a quick process and there is a detailed explanation to guide you through the delegating process.

If you enter your own travel and expense claims, you can find a shortcut to the entry tool in the "My Profile" tab of the Mosaic portal. There is an online course that guides you through the travel and expense process in the Mosaic Learning Hub.

Learn More: January Orientation Sessions

There will be a series of information sessions specifically for faculty members in the new year. These sessions will focus on the new research project tools that are part of Mosaic. Sessions will be held on January 21, 23, 28, 30 and February 5 from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. in Gilmour Hall 111 (the Council Room).

In addition there are online orientation courses for several topics, including travel and expense claims at the Mosaic Learning Hub.




Information regarding Mosaic support is available in the "Support" tab at