Mosaic student administration provides faculty members with new tools

Getting to know the Mosaic Faculty Centre and submitting grades

April 10, 2015

With the launch of the student administration portion of Mosaic a few weeks ago, faculty members have a number of new tools. Instructors who have taught a course in the last two years have a new tab in Mosaic entitled "Faculty Centre," as well as a new portlet titled "My Teaching" on the Mosaic homepage. These contain information and tools to help you manage your teaching activities including your class rosters and a new way to submit grades.

There are several interesting functions in the Faculty Centre to explore, but there are two things that you should consider doing first.

Two things to do on your first visit

  1. Ensure you have a class roster for each class you are currently teaching. If a class is missing, please contact your department's administrator and request that you be added.
  2. Your teaching assistant will not have access to your classes in Mosaic unless you specifically request it. An instructor might do this if they expect a teaching assistant to enter grades, for example. Your department's administrator can assign a teaching assistant to a class on your behalf.

Grade submission and grade changes

This April, all final grades and grade changes will be submitted through Mosaic. While the new tool is similar to the previous system in use, the project team has arranged a series of drop-in labs to assist with grade collection. As well, the team has prepared guides that explain how to submit grades, change grades and navigate the Faculty Centre. All of these materials are available on the Mosaic Learning Hub and in the Avenue to Learn course "Mosaic Information for Faculty Members." PDF versions are available on the Mosaic homepage in "Instructor Tips."

Additional help

Department administrators were provided training on Faculty Centre functionality, so they are a good resource. Mosaic information specifically for faculty members, such as task guides, is available on Avenue to Learn.


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