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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) regarding Student Administration



I heard that sessions and terms are changing.  How will things work?

There are two separate but easily confused issues with terms and sessions. First, currently, McMaster structures itself as having two primary periods of study fall/winter and summer.  Moving forward, Mosaic, in consultation with the McMaster community, will divide the academic year into three periods. This creates additional flexibility in the way McMaster structures academic programs, including the flexibility to continue current practices when appropriate. This new structure still permits multi-period courses (eg. six unit courses).

Second there will  be a change with the use of the words “session” and “term.” McMaster’s current use of these words is atypical. The PeopleSoft software uses the emerging standard usage among universities of defining a session as a sub-unit of a term (e.g. the summer term is comprised of two sessions). The term and session structure  within PeopleSoft is so fundamental and pervasive that it is not practical to try to adjust PeopleSoft to fit McMaster’s vernacular. McMaster will instead shift to the more common understanding of these words.

Will course codes change?

No. Course codes will stay as they are. There may be, small tweaks to a few course codes to take advantage of some PeopleSoft functionality and to facilitate multi-term courses.

Will the new system allow for different academic years/programs?

The new system will give us significantly more flexibility for managing academic years and programs.

Will Admin tools in Grad Studies be eliminated?

Portions of Admin Tools will remain while other parts will be replaced by PeopleSoft.

Since we are moving away from Synapps, will that change the application fee to clients?

Moving away from Synapps and using PeopleSoft does not dictate a change in application fees. 

How much data will be converted?

A plan is being put into place to determine what data will be converted and moved into the new system.  In developing the plan, we are consulting with different stakeholders.

Any data that is not converted into the new system will be available to people. The process for accessing any archived data is also being determined and will be communicated when the final solution has been determined

Will Finance, Research Administration, Student Admin and HR information be integrated?

Yes! The integration of information across our administrative systems  is a prime motivator for adopting an ERP system like PeopleSoft.

When will student self-service go-live?

Student self-service will be released .   in two phases.  The first phase will be with Admissions and the second Phase will be with Student Records

How will students schedule classes?

Student will register using the new PeopleSoft student center, which will replace SOLAR and MUGSI.

Will students be required to register once a year, or on a term-by-term basis?

Students will register on a term by term basis, however, like today, they will be able to register in all their Fall-Winter courses at once.

Will we have a CRM (customer relationship management software) with PeopleSoft?

 A CRM system is not included in the scope of the Mosaic project.

Will information entered into the system be in real time?

Yes. PeopleSoft is designed such that as soon as information is entered, it is seen throughout the system. In limited instances, processes may be batched.