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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - Finance Pre-Launch

What’s happening with systems contracts purchases such as Grand & Toy and Fisher Scientific?

McMaster's process for purchasing via systems contracts from Grand & Toy, Fisher Scientific, and others has changed.

The systems contracts vendors provide McMaster with price discounts andhave in the past accepted a McMaster account number. The new process requires purchasers to pay using the Purchase Card/P-Card (the BMO MasterCard) or a purchase requisition.

This change was announced in October's cutover memo and was effective November 1. A full list of the systems contracts is available on the McMaster purchasing website.

The P-Card is now the preferred and recommended way for McMaster purchasers to make purchases. If your unit lacks a P-Card, applications for the P-Card are available on the purchasing website.
Final note: the P-Card (BMO MasterCard) should not be confused with the McMaster travel card (Diners Club MasterCard). These two credit cards are NOT interchangeable.

Please direct questions regarding purchasing to

What is the time frame for reconciling payments on the P-Card (BMO MasterCard) during the transition to the new PeopleSoft system?

September and prior — reconciliation MUST be received by November 15, 2013.  If not you may be charged a penalty.

October — All P-Card balances (old card charges) will be moved into PeopleSoft.  Please hold your October reconciliation. Outstanding October balances will be reconciled in PeopleSoft using a Journal Entry. Basically same process as in the legacy system but the journal entry will be done in PeopleSoft. Process instructions will be sent to cardholders in December.

November — reconciliation of new card charges will be done in PeopleSoft using the P-Card reconciliation ‘form’.  Instructions will be sent and, depending on interest, there may be training sessions in December.

Since advances have to be cleared in the FAS system and will not be transferred to PeopleSoft, what should we be doing now in advance of the December launch? 

You must clear all accountable and cash advances before December.  For trips that will not conclude until after December 1, clear the accountable advance.  Upon your return attach to the expense report boarding passes and other supporting documentation for other expenses (e.g. conference badge and agenda, hotel bill, taxi chits) incurred during the trip.  For upcoming trips which you would traditionally issue an accountable advance, don’t.  Instead, file the cost as a travel expense through the Payment Request form.  If possible, do not file expense claims (Payment Request Forms) after November 15.  Claims after November 15 should be held and entered into the Mosaic Travel and Expense system after December 2.

For further information about transition activities please refer to our Cutover Memo