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Entering and working with vouchers efficiently

  • Never use the back arrow button on upper left part of screen – all work not currently saved will be lost
  • Use "save for later" as soon as you get to the second screen – this will give the VID (voucher Identification) Number – put this on your invoice/receipt so you can always find the voucher in the system
  • A magnifying glass indicates a chart available for reference – click on magnifying glass to go to the relevant chart
  • To find a voucher, choose "Add", click on tab "Find an existing value", on the Voucher ID line, change to "contains" using drop down menu, then enter VID Number – go to "search" button at bottom of screen – link to voucher appears below the search button – click on it and it takes you to the voucher
  • When entering information on the first screen either enter all financial information (gross and VAT) or none
  • If a field does not have an asterisk (*) it does not have to be completed
  • Grey arrows indicate collapse/expand capabilities
  • One invoice line can have multiple G/L lines
  • Add invoice lines using + and – buttons in upper right hand portion of Invoice line box
  • Add G/L lines using + and – buttons on left hand side of the Distribution Line Box (below invoice line box)
  • Scan all documentation in same order items are listed in invoice lines
  • Click on link once documents are uploaded to make sure they are legible
  • To adjust VAT go to "invoice line VAT" link on the distribution line
  • Follow progress of voucher through approvals and once it has hit the account, send originals to Accounts Payable at DTC 401
  • To see when cheque was issued and what the cheque number is, open voucher, click on Payments tab and the Reference field will have the number
  • When looking up chartfield string for a research/trust account, click on small button to right of "project costing" tab -  it looks like a sideways battery – this expands all columns so the entire 36 digit number can be viewed
  • To add a supplier, such as a withholding situation like an honorarium or living allowance, go to: Finance > Purchasing > Requisitions > Supplier Set-Up/Change
  • When entering a supplier for a single (one-time) payment, you must limit the address to four lines. If you enter too many address lines for a one-time payment's supplier, the cheque won't print properly and payment will be delayed.

    Addresses should follow this model:

    Ms. Mary Smith
    ABC Company
    123 Main Street West, Room 456
    Hamilton, ON L8S 4L8

    IMPORTANT NOTE: In the system the city, province and postal code are on separate address lines; however, these items print on one line on the cheque.

  • If you need a cheque sent to a campus location, please use this address format.

Address format for McMaster inter-office mail

Name of Payee
Address 1 = Department
Address 2 = Building and Room number

Do not add Province or Postal Code.

Important: You will receive a warning about the missing province and postal code. Acknowledge the warning and proceed.