Rev. John L. Bell
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The Rev. John L. Bell is an ordained minister of the Church of Scotland and a member of the Iona Community, where he develops resources in the areas of music and worship with the Wild Goose Resource Group. He is a past convenor of the Church of Scotland’s Panel on Worship and presently convenes the Committee revising the Church Hymnary. John has produced many collections of original hymns and songs (some in collaboration with Graham Maule) and two collections of songs of the world church. He is an occasional broadcaster, and lectures in theological colleges in Britain and North America, but is primarily concerned with the renewal of congregational worship at the grass roots level. As an expression of the Iona Community’s commitment to the renewal of public worship in the Christian church, the Wild Goose Resource Group exists to renew traditions of song and worship, Christian education, and faith commitment in a modern context. It offers workshops and seminars in the areas of worship, music and song, prayer and spirituality, and biblical study to a diverse range of churches and conferences in the UK, Germany, Sweden, USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

Wild Goose Resource Group

Iona Community, Scotland