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McMaster University

IT Service Review: Project Overview


  • To identify IT services required by the University (now and in the foreseeable future) to deliver its strategic and academic plans.
  • To determine the most efficient and effective basis for service delivery through identification of :
    • Duplication of IT services
    • Opportunities for synergies and
    • Gaps in IT services


All IT Services delivered across the University relating to research, teaching and learning, data management & security, healthcare related services and administrative needs of university operations supported by:

  • faculty, departmental and support units
  • IT-focused units (RHPCS, CSU, UTS, MIIETL etc.),
  • research institutes/centres


Project Manager (Kathy Denney) supporting a Committee of internal and external participants

  • Sue Becker, Professor, Psychology, Neuroscience and Behaviour
  • Anthony Levinson, Director of e-Learning Innovation
  • Cynthia Herrera Lindstrom, CIO, University of Illinois @ Chicago
  • Abigail Payne, Director MacData Institute (Co-Chair)
  • Sean Reynolds, CIO, Northwestern University (Co-Chair)
  • Ghilaine Roquet, CIO, McGill University 

Phase 1
January - April 2016

  • Internal scan to compile current IT service delivery data around resourcing and costs, service levels and performance, infrastructure, delivery points/users etc.
  • Collection of user feedback via interviews, online surveys, online forum and other mechanisms to identify:
    • Duplications, potential for synergy and gaps in the current service offering from a strategic perspective
    • Strategies/plans for service delivery/expansion
    • Best practice models and/or improvements for delivering IT services at the university
    • Service level expectations and user perspectives on performance 

Phase 2
April - September 2016

  • Preparation of final report and recommendations