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McMaster IT Services Review

The IT Services Review is a wide ranging and deep look at all information technology services and delivery in all areas of the University.  Its mission is to ensure that McMaster has effective and efficient IT services to meet the University's teaching and research needs in the coming years, as well as the operational and administrative needs which support teaching and research. The review will look for areas of duplication, service gaps, and opportunities for synergies in IT services delivery.

Beginning in February 2016, the IT Services Review Committee will begin an extensive fact finding phase, during which it will solicit input from the entire university community.

Report Update

In addition to the summary of the IT Services Report, the full report is available upon request by emailing either or Individuals are invited to send comments about the report to .

Nov. 25 Final Report Released

An in-depth and comprehensive review of all McMaster’s information technology services is complete with the committee making substantive recommendations for improving the provision, governance and funding of the University’s IT infrastructure and related service provision.

Update October 5

The work performed by the IT Services Review so far has been expansive, reviewing all IT services delivered across the university and including all units and departments that provide or support IT services.

An online community survey regarding IT services delivered at McMaster has already been completed. Almost 1300 members of the McMaster community participated and a summary of the results is now available: it-services-review_online-survey-results. The committee thanks everyone that shared their feedback.

An IT expenditure analysis is being completed to determine how much the University spends on IT including the expenditures by departments and units for hardware, software and other needs and services.

In addition, approximately 40 departments and units have participated in an IT Services environmental scan which provides insight into IT staffing levels across the various departments and units and the IT infrastructure in place across the university, including high level information on renewal needs and maintenance costs.  A second phase of the scan is currently in progress to collect information on the provision and support of IT services.

Once information gathering activities are complete, the Committee will formalize its recommendations in a final report which will be delivered later this fall. If you have any questions regarding the review, please do not hesitate to contact the project team at or

Update July 7

"IT services review update" posted on the Daily News.

Update June 17

Thank you to everyone who responded to the survey. We're currently analysing the results and will report back soon.

Project Manager Kathryn (Kathy) Denney presented an update about the IT Services Review at McMaster's TMG meeting on Friday, June 10.

Update May 3

Community Survey Launched

The IT Services Review Committee wants your input. Whether you are concerned about email or mobile apps, the external website or file sharing, desktop operating systems or end user support;  this is your opportunity to provide the committee with your feedback.

The online survey is open to the entire McMaster community — students, faculty members, and staff — for the next two weeks and everyone is encouraged to participate.

Update March 22

Where do you need Wi-Fi service? What sort of research computing services would assist you?  How can technology in classrooms support you?  These are a few of the questions McMaster faculty, staff and students will be asked over the next few months as McMaster's IT Services Review begins its information collection phase.

Information gathering will include formal meetings with representatives of staff, faculty and student stakeholder groups, and the various IT departments both administrative- and faculty-based. As well, a survey will solicit input from the entire McMaster community. All these groups will be asked to provide their views on the University's current IT services, identify any gaps in service, and suggest opportunities for the future including potential synergies.

This information will inform the IT Services Review Committee's wide ranging and deep look at all information technology services and delivery in all areas of the University.

The IT Services Review Committee will issue its report in the fall.  The information gathering phase will continue actively early in the summer months.  IT Services Review Committee member, Dr. Abigail Payne, is going on leave this summer and will step down from her role as co-chair, but remain on the committee.  Committee member Sue Becker will take up the co-chair role.

"I would like to thank Dr. Payne for her efforts in the planning and design phase of this endeavour," said Provost David Wilkinson. "We are fortunate to have an excellent successor in Dr. Becker to lead the committee's work in its next phase."


The IT Services Review Committee's mission is to ensure that McMaster has effective and efficient IT services to meet the University's teaching and research needs in the coming years. The review will look for service gaps and opportunities for synergies in IT service delivery. The committee's final report is expected in the fall of 2016.