Office of Enterprise Risk Management

The Office of Enterprise Risk leads and manages a number of other key initiatives for the University in its drive for accountability, transparency and community engagement. Description of these key initiatives are provided below.


What is "That's a Great Idea"?

That's a Great Idea is a continuous improvement suggestion program hosted on the Vice-President (Administration) website, that provides an easy method for faculty, students, staff and any other members of McMaster's community to submit their ideas for the continuous improvement of Administration. Ideas may pertain to the enhancement of existing processes or the implementation of new possibilities.

What is Continuous Improvement?

In keeping with "Forward with Integrity" and the Vice-President's (Administration) goals to enrich workplace engagement, accountability, and flexibility, the Office of Enterprise Risk Management has made the management and facilitation of the continuous improvement suggestion program a priority.

Continuous improvement emphasizes processes enhancement and the introduction of new ideas and/or possibilities to maintain McMaster's progressive working and learning environment.

What is a "Great Idea"?

Great Ideas (big or small) may involve:

  1. A solution to a problem being encountered;
  2. A suggestion for the creation of capacity in our resource-stretched environment;
  3. Enhancing quality of service in what we do;
  4. Increasing efficiency and/or effectiveness in our practices.

Who can participate in That's a Great Idea?

The program is open to all members of McMaster's community. Participation is appreciated. All ideas will be considered and all contributors communicated with. Implemented ideas will be recognized in a variety of ways and in keeping with the idea submitted.

Great Idea Submissions

Submission form and instructions are available here, and are hosted on the website of the Vice-President (Administration), along with program reports and successes.

Legislative Compliance

What is Legislative Compliance?

The act of adhering to applicable laws, regulations, and associated best practices.

Purpose of the Legislative Compliance Program

The University has many laws and regulations that apply to the institution as it strives to achieve its core mission and fulfill its objectives. The purpose of the program is to create and maintain a University-wide understanding and awareness of legislative compliance risk, risk mitigation plans and monitoring steps being taken. The collaborative process has developed a comprehensive, consolidated, risk based view of laws and regulations that apply to the University and how compliance is being achieved in impacted areas.

Legislative Acts

The enhanced legislative compliance process is using a risk-based approach. Legislative exposures affecting the University can be tiered into two levels: Tier 1 and Tier 2. Dependent on internal and/or external factors, legislation may move between tiers.

Tier 1: Consists of legislation that has a critical impact on the University's reputation and/or on our ability to achieve our mission, objectives and carry out operations.

Tier 2: Consists of all other legislation that the University needs to comply with and impacts the University to a lesser degree. These legislations are often complied with and monitored at the department or function level.


The report on legislative compliance is prepared and presented to the President and Vice-President Group (PVP), as well as the Audit Committee of the Board of Governors, on an annual basis for review and comment.