Reduction of lower motor neuron degeneration in wobbler mice by N-acetylcysteine

Jeffrey T. Henderson, Mohammed Javaheri, Susan Kopko and John C. Roder

Samuel Lunenfeld Research Institute, Mount Sinai Hospital,
Program in Molecular Biology and Cancer, 600 University Ave., Toronto, Ontario M5G-1X5


Figure 1. NAC reduces axonal loss in the wobbler facial nerve.

A: Regional anatomy of the murine facial nerve with region of analysis shown.

B: Plot of the total cross-sectional area of the medial facial nerve for each group. Values represent the mean +S.E.M, (*) signifies a significant difference (p<0.05) compared to wr/wr group. Control treated wr/wr mice, n=17; NAC treated wr/wr mice, n=11; NW mice, n=11; NW(N) mice, n=10. p values: wr/wr vs. wr/wr(N) <0.004, wr/wr vs. NW < 0.005; wr/wr vs. NW(N) < 0.006. Second Plot: Number of axons in nerve cross-sections. For all groups n=10. p values: wr/wr vs. wr/wr(N) <0.027, wr/wr vs. NW <0.030.

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