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Re^2: Greetings from South Africa

Richard J. Hughes

On Thu Dec 10, Richard J. Hughes wrote
>This meeting is ghostly quiet in comparison and seeing some faces would help populate it.  This is possible now.  It's easy enough to take digital snapshots of the authors and attach these pictures to the presentations.  Likewise with this Ceilidh software it's possible to attach pictures to messages and one option, that isn't switched on here, permits optional binding of images to the registration database so that the authors' photographs appears in the upper right hand corner of each message.

Someone's got to lead the way here and I'm not shy, so I'll start.

Break out those digital cameras and let's see who's out there.

So long as you register as an author (you just have to give your name and e-mail address, there's nothing sinister happening here), you can upload files to the server.


Richard Hughes, Ph.D.

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