Welcome Party

Hi everyone, from Mendoza, Argentina !!

Roberto Yunes

Hi everyone from a very nice place, Mendoza in Argentina - South America-. This is my first experience in regard to an Internet Meeting, and Im now sure that it wont be the last one. Actually, almost everyone in my lab is expecting the next Inabis meeting (INABIS 99) in order to participate. It is an exciting experience, and I think it is also the kind of experience we will have to get used to more and more frequently. At least according to my point of view, among the many virtues and some deffects Internet has shown along the years, one especially interesting is the fact that knowledge is increasingly becoming a "democratic" rigth for everyone. I enjoy this feeling, and celebrate this kind of events. Well, with my very best wishes for all of you (the participants and guests), kind regards from Argentina.
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