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Re^2: Congratulation! from Japan.

K. Yahata

On Fri Dec 11, Henry Szechtman wrote
>On Fri Dec 11, Katsuya Yahata wrote
>>For Prof. Henry Szechtman.
>>It is very big and very exite congress this year.
>>Today I came back to may office and now enjoy this congress.
>It is work that you did organizing the 4th Internet Congress, and the foresight and guidance of Sumio Murase, the founder of INABIS, that make it possible for this event to develop. Many thanks to you! henry

This 5th congress is very exiting.
There are many posters and many discussions. This Web and mail discussion system made new academic world, I think.

Let's drink! Cheers!

Can you displa< this picture?

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