Welcome Party

Re: What's this party for?

Richard M. Kostrzewa

On Thu Dec 10, Henry Szechtman wrote
>INABIS '98 is not only a vehicle to exchange ideas about our work but also an experiment of how to conduct a meeting over the Internet. A 'Welcome Party' could be a place for small talk, some gossip, complaining, 'seeing' who is here, forming new acquitances and renewing old ones.  It could also be a place for getting some useful information.  Like for instance, what does that 'Personal Itinerary' hyperlink do - I press and it does nothing.  We welcome all your ideas and contributions.

Congratulations to Henry Szechtman and others of the Organizing Committee for successfully implementing such an exceptional meeting. The effort and skills are immediately apparent when merely perusing the numbers of symposia and attendant poster presentations. It is so easy to identify and search topics. And  all of this was on schedule. A drink to Henry and colleagues!
Richard Kostrzewa

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