Welcome Party

Closing Comments

Henry Szechtman

Dear Colleagues:

It was truly uplifting to see how eager and willing you were to experiment with this new medium.  A tremendous experience for us and everyone who helped make this virtual Congress a reality.  It was wonderful to 'see' all of you, speakers, presenters, and visitors, to chat with you over the Discussion Boards and share a glass of wine and champagne at the Welcome Party.  Hope you enjoyed the trip to Hamilton and our hospitality at McMaster University.

Perhaps we will meet again, over the Internet or in person, or even collaborate on projects.  Until then you can continue to browse through the Congress site.  Most authors chose to leave their presentations on our Website and have them included in the CD ROM Proceedings of INABIS '98.  You can read, but cannot post comments on Discussion Boards.

The CD ROM is expected to become available in late Spring.

See you next year at INABIS '99!

Henry Szechtman, INABIS '98 Congress President
Ashok Grover, Steering Committee Chair

Email: inabis98@mcmaster.ca
Congress Website: www.mcmaster.ca/inabis98/index.html

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