Welcome Party

Champagne, the Internet and finding participants

Henry Szechtman

On Mon Dec 7, Nazer H. Qureshi wrote
>On Mon Dec 7, R. M. Chandler-Burns wrote
>>It sure would be nice to have Professor Hughes lead off the Welcome
>>Party with a champagne toast.  A California sparkling wine could be
>>used if French champagne is not included in the budget.  And who has
>>ever attended a toast without listening to a short speech?


>Anyone who has seen the 80's movie "Short Circuit", would know that Champagne (or as for that matter, any alcoholic drinfk!) does not mix with computer motherboard.   ;)

>Nice to be here and chat.  I wonder if there is a list of attendees/presenters, etc.  If one needs to find someone here, what does one do?  Any ideas?

>There are 573 presentations at this Conference.  the best way to find a name (if you don't know the session they may be in) is to use the "New Search" hyperlink located in the right corner of the top navigation bar.  This Navigation Bar is present on almost every page.
Cheers, henry

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