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Re^2: Champagne and the Internet

Henry Szechtman

On Mon Dec 7, Richard J. Hughes wrote
>On Mon Dec 7, R. M. Chandler-Burns wrote
>>It sure would be nice to have Professor Hughes lead off the Welcome
>>Party with a champagne toast.  A California sparkling wine could be
>>used if French champagne is not included in the budget.  And who has
>>ever attended a toast without listening to a short speech?

>I was hoping to leave that honour to Dr. Szetchman, but a California sparkling wine would be appropriate since I'm in the Department of Pharmacology at U.C. San Diego.  

>I'm a research scientist (Ph.D. in Biochemistry) with a broad range of interests, one of which is communication.  It is an honour to have my Ceilidh software chosen to support the discussion in this meeting.   This is not an application that I ever anticipated, however, and I already note some problems.  Principal among these is that although I usually have no expectation of seeing most of the people with whom I converse through e-mail or through forums like this, I do have an expectation of seeing people at scientific meetings.  It might be helpful to allow people to include an image of themselves in their messages.

>Can one actually "attend" an asynchronous conference?  There are many issues that need to be addressed beyond the ones of copyright and peer review.

>We need to hear from you.  What do you hope to get out of this meeting and in what way does it fall short or exceed your expectations?

>Pop!   fzzzz.


Richard and Dr Chandler-Burns

Thanks for getting the party rolling - it is a pleasure to have people who step in at the right moment.

One of the things that I like about this endevour is that I look forward to meeting some of you, in person, on a future occasion. This conference should be a means to initiate liasons and scientific collaborations around the world.

ps. i wanted to attach a picture but the attach function is not here?

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