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The inside story on the words of thanx


    Well, you have heard the official words of thanks from Dr. Szechtman.   Here is the inside story.    

   Barbara  Szechtman not only kept the files and helped design the Congress but also kept us sane by being in-charge when Henry was away for a few weeks here and there because she knew what was going on.  Barbara, I am not even going to ask you what else you had to do to keep Henry sane for the past year.

     Dalia Szechtman had to know more about the Congress as the icons created are not only beautiful and artistic but if you examine the details in them, they say intuitive things.  I don't know how long it took you but I think you should copyright them.

   Finally Anna Garnett.  I admire her cool.  I don't think any of you know how difficult it is to sit next to Henry and work 12-16 hours a day especially when there is so much pressure.  Any time I went to his lab, Anna was there, cool as a cucumber, with or working without Dr. Szechtman.  All I can say is: Anna thanks for not freaking out!

    I don't know if these words do justice to their contribution but  I tried eh.


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