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Re: Instead of money for reviewers -- credits for library?

R. M. Chandler-Burns

On Thu Dec 10, Jeff Blaustein wrote
>btw, Dr. Bloom has missed one important reason for the extensive
journal (and grant) reviewiewing in which many of us take part --
it forces us to keep up with the literature.

This is correct.  If you are worth your salt as a peer reviewer
you ARE up-to-date and can ask the author(s) intelligent questions
to get the best possible MS sent back to the journal's editor for
a resubmission or polish up an acceptable MS on first submission.
This being up-to-date has a high price to pay (and not necessarily
do I mean the cost of subscriptions to journals) in time denied
students, family and friends.  Is it worth it?  I suspect most of
us would say yes, even if the library doesn't get a lower-priced
issue, or even if we are not compensated _in specie_.

R. M. Chandler-Burns

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