Plenary Session Presentations


Jaime Miranda

dear Participants.

I am a medical student who like to do investigation, and that implies  effort and sacrifice, without waiting inmeddiatly recognition. This field is it, sacryfice, and I guess everyone who dedicate to it do it pleasure.

I know that working as a reviewer it's kind of hard work, but if you're involved in that theme you'll do it very well and without much lost of time. I agree with some of you to do what you  want with the money payed, because it's a work. I would like to tell you that the peer review process will be easily and more directly by internet, keeping contact with autors and sharing ideas.

Another point. I think if the journals look this as a economic, they would put free charge "product" (or journals) where the "client" is, ulser libraries and/or investigation centers.
That because, in my little experience there are good journals but they so limited in difusion. There are people around the world to do investigation too, so you could look other fields and countries, and help them with scientific information.

That's what I want to say, and I would like to keep more in touch with some of you to look for the better way to do this. Since INABIS is finishing on 16th dec, I will be very pleasure to share about this by e-mail (pro and contras of my possition). Please, contact me at

Greetings from Peru.

Jaime Miranda

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