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In your dreams


That used to be true when faculty and administration shared goals.  Many universities now have administration whose visions are guided by book keeping.  It is accounting and not accountability that guides these.  So why am I going to save a few dollars that the MBA manager can have two more flunkies working for him in the administration office who will just ask me to fill more forms because that is their jobs.  Times have changed.  This approach is a non-starter.  However, if the journal pays me and I donate this money to the library it is my choice.

Here is a modification that may work.  I will commit to reviewing x number of papers for a journal per year.  I will even buy a personal subscrition to the journal.  The journal has to wave some rights and allow me to donate it to the library rather than the library paying an institutional rate.  This way I get something out of it - a donation I have made to the library. The admnistration can not take it for granted.

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