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Robert Gros

Dear Dr Grover,

Thanks for the comment and yes I am enjoying the meeting.  You are  right,  the northern blot data would suggest that GRK-2 mRNA is not the answer for the increase in GRK-2 protein expression.  Altered protein stability in a strong possibility as a potential explanation for the increase in GRK-2 protein expression in both human and rat lymphocytes and rat vascular tissues.
                       Thanks for your comments,

                                                Rob Gros

On Sun Dec 6, Grover wrote
>"Dr. Gros:  I am glad to see your nice presentation and hope you enjoy the meeting. You conclude that the increased GRK-2 protein content in hypertension is not due to an increase in GRK-2 messenger RNA. Do you think then the mechanism involves a difference in protein stability or translation?"

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