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Robert Gros

Dear Christopher,

We are currently in the process of completing experiments on the role hypertension( comapring pre-hypertensive SHR vs hypertensive SHR).  In these studies we examined 5 (normotensive), 10(hypertensive) and 15(hypertensive) wk old SHR and comapred them to WKY rats.  We are also currently finishing some experiments using a different model of hypertension the Dahl salt sensitive form of hypertension.  In addition, we are experiments using SHR and anti-hypertensive therapy are soon to be underway.

On Thu Dec 10, Christopher M Tan wrote

>What about developmental regulation, what happens to these animals as they age? Does the increase in GRK follow a developmental pattern?  What does hypertensive drug therapy do?  Further, what of other forms of hypertension, as seen in animal models?

>Christopher Tan

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