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Denis Lehotay

On Mon Dec 14, huse kamencic wrote
>I am glad to see your nice presentation and hope you enjoy meeting.
>Doxorubicin cardiotoxicity results in the release of substances that initiate immune reactions (invasion of macrophages, T helper lymphocytes, increase the numbers of dendritic cells, etc.).
>Do you think that these cells could be partially responsible for the free radical and aldehyde production in the heart during and after doxorubicin treatment?

>Huse Kamencic

To distinguish between free radical production due to redox cycling and that due to immune or cell mediated reactions one would have to know how quickly these macrophages or lymphocytes get to the cardiomyocyte. It certainly is possible that they contribute to free radical production. I also think that the available antioxidant defenses also have something to do with whether lipid peroxidation increases significantly, or if the free radicals are scavenged and inactivated before they can cause damage to the cell by oxidizing the PUFA's (polyunsaturated fatty acids).
Denis Lehotay

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