Glaucoma: Diagnosis and Therapy

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Kazuo Emi

On Tue Dec 15, A. Papp wrote
>Dear Dr. Kazuo Emi!

>Congratulation to Your presentation!
>I think it would be very interesting to test the two drugs Unoprostone and Latanoprost in a similar study. Are there any therapeutical differencies between the two drugs?

>Kind regards, Andras Papp

Reply to Dr. Andras Papp

Latanoprost is not available inJapan.  In my knowledge, Latanoprost is stronger than unoprostone in reducing the intraocular pressure.  Latanoprost is the direct derivative of the PGF2-alpha and unoprostone is the derivative of metabolized non-active substance of PGF2-alpha.  As for the side effects, Latanoprost may cause the iris color change and conjunctival injection.  Unoprostone may cause the corneal erosion and irritation at instillation.

Kazuo Emi MD

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