Glaucoma: Diagnosis and Therapy

Re: Papp A, et al.: Reproducibility of opti cnerve head measurements

A. Papp

On Mon Dec 14, Jost B Jonas wrote
Dear Professor Jonas!

Thank you for Your questions, my answers are:

>1) Did you use stereo or mono photographs; if stereo, were they simultaneously or sequentially taken ?
We used in most of the cases mono photographs, in only 20 % of the cases sequentially taken stereo pairs were used.

>2) How much would the reproducibility be changed if instead of stereo photographs mono photographs were used ?
Stereo photographs were very useful in defining the optic cup, in special cases this could improve the reproducibility. In defining the parapapillary areas stereo photos did not improve the reproducibility of the measurements, in this cases the correct focus depth of the photo seems to be essential.

>3) In view of the reproducibility of about 12% in measuring the neuroretinal rim area, how much must a change in rim area in progressive glaucoma be to detected as worsening of the situation ?
Its hard to answer correctly. For glaucoma follow up we generally  use the qualitative criteria and the functional  examinations, not the quantitative ones.

>4) What was the experience of the examiners ? Were they still in the steeply ascending part of their learning curve ?
The examiners were in the steeply ascending part of their learning curve, but they had an excellent teacher and the same source of  literature.

Thank You for Your questions
Kind regards: A. Papp

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