Glaucoma: Diagnosis and Therapy

Re: Predicting the need for trabeculectomy by Szigeti

Zoltan Szigeti

On Tue Dec 15, Janos Nemeth M.D. wrote
>Congratulation for the large number of succesful glaucoma operations. Using your scoring system it would be interesting to see whether the long-term results of the surgery are different or not in two subgroups of your  patients; Group one: with preoperative score below 5 and Group two: preoperative score above 5.

The scoring system is based on the analysis of the operated patients. All the patients for whom surgery was required (and underwent operation) had a score above 4.

The last one year has proved, that those patients who had a score above 4, but did not accept the operation, now have a detoriation in their state.

One inportant result of our study is, that by surgical intervention for these patients, a better IOT can be achieved than by medical therapy.

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    Zoltan Szigeti

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