Glaucoma: Diagnosis and Therapy

Re: Betaxolol Ophthalmic Suspension

Doro Daniele

On Wed Dec 9, Janos Nemeth M.D. wrote
>Dear Dr. Daniele Doro,
>Congratulation to your nice study. I think it is clear from your results that there is no detectable systemic effect after two-week-long 0,25 etaxolol eye drop treatment. However concerning the unchanged blod flow velocity values in the orbital arteries, I have a question. The results showed that after treatment the intraocular pressure decreased in glaucoma patients. In case of the same blood pressure and heart rate, as it was found, the decrease in the intraocular pressure means an increase in the perfusion pressure of the eyeball. So, increased flow velocity and decreased resistivity index might be expected in ocular vessels after itraocular pressure decrease.  How do you interpret the unchanged velocity and RI values? Do you suppose an autoregulatory mechanism behind which stabilize the blood flow or might be there some local (transocular) side effects of the drops?

>Janos Nemeth M.D.

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