Glaucoma: Diagnosis and Therapy

Color Doppler Imaging ... by Doro D, et al.

Jost B Jonas

Dear Dr. Doro
Congratulations for your interesting study. I would like to ask you:
1) If Betaxolol leads to a lowering of IOP, and if the bloood velocity measuremnts do not change after instillation of Betaxolol, may one not infer that two mechanisms may compensate each other: Due to the IOP lowering, blood flow should increase, and by a hypotheticxal effect of Betaxolol, blood flow is reduced. Would it mean that Betaxolol has some blood velocity reducing effect ?
2) Is the sample big enough for the conclusion of the study ?
3) What is the reproducibility of the technique in your laboratory ?
Yours sincerely
Jost Jonas
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