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Re: Problems of Occupational Medicine in Acryl Compounds, Production. Comments,

Nikolai Matveev

On Fri Dec 11, Lucian Tefas wrote
>What do you mean by the "functional disturbances of nerve and cardiovascular systems"?
>What was the frecquency of these disturbances?
>How many subjects suffering from "chronic occupational intoxication by MMA" and "occupational dermatose" had you in your exposed groups of workers?
>I think that your paper would be more valuable if you'll present more details concerning "Materials and Methods"
By the name of Prof. Blagodatin:

Functional disturbances were the following :
1) for nervous system :
asthenic symptoms, vegetative disorders, changes in sensitivity of extremities
2) for cardiovascular system :
hyper- or hypotension, tachy- or bradicardia, ECG changes etc.
General number of workers with chronic occupatonal intoxication from MMA was 109 persons.
The frequencies of some disorders among about 400 workers were:
- hypertension in 31%.
- hypotension in 10%
- changes in cardial tones in 42%
- various changes in ECG (including tachycardia, bradicardia) - in up to 85% workers.
The changes rates increased with service length (being standardized according to age).

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